Bodyscape Yoga Studio

State of Kin

Bodyscape is situated within a renovated historic postal office that is flooded with natural light and features generous, high ceilings. The restoration of the existing building involved a stripping back and removal of materials, a reduction in electrical fixtures and fittings and therefore an improvement to energy efficiency.

Through the design there is an enhancement of indoor environmental quality with authentic materials such as natural fibres in fabrics, greening through plants and efficient air flow. Other sustainability initiatives such as solar voltaic was also included.

Bodyscape exemplifies a calm, contemplative space that takes its cues from refined designs with a more feminine palette. These qualities are supported by every physical interaction within the space. The details are soft and approachable – with design decisions around tactility, space and light to convey a sense of purposeful serenity, that echoes the brands ambitions.

Clean lines are softened with curved edges; light and shadow dance fluidly through rooms and play off reflective mirrors to emphasise the movement and flow of patrons in practice. The transitional journey through spaces is reminiscent of the activities occurring within – practice spaces can be energetic and vivacious, or serene and meditative accordingly. There are treatment rooms for massage and ayurvedic practice, curated furniture pieces, natural limestone, travertine, greenery and generous drapery, that all help imbue the interior with a sense of familiarity and restfulness.

Bodyscape is the successful amalgamation of a clean, sleek aesthetic within a heritage envelope and is an example of respectful and diligent innovation with sensitivity in conception.


Furniture: Nanimarquina, Fritz Hansen, Kettal, Mobilia. Lighting: Santa & Cole. Finishes: Laminex, Winklemans, Warwick. Fittings & Fixtures: Muuto, Anchor, stone plinths, Travertine & Silver Limestone clad custom by State of Kin.


Photography: Jack Lovel