RISE at 101 Collins Street

Gray Puksand Australia

RISE represent a new era of amenity and inclusiveness for end-of-trip and wellness facilities within a commercial office tower, through the adaptive reuse of underutilised basement carparks at 101 Collins Street. As one of Melbourne’s premium buildings, the interior architecture delivers an integrated solution that’s uniquely tailored to its premium market. Underpinning this is a philosophy that elevates the user experience in every sense, and encourages cycling to work and exercising during the day to reduce congestion and improve wellbeing.

The brief to provide a high-end wellness experience was supported by advice from a wellness consultant (Wellineux). RISE comprises two multi-purpose studios set up for yoga, barre classes, TRX and pilates; and four consulting rooms for massage and physiotherapy, and for use by allied health professionals. Integrated audio-visual systems allow spaces to be used for education purposes. A design challenge was to plan for functional agility and changing demands depending on the future uptake of different classes or health needs.

At the threshold of RISE, a new design language emerges like a soft light from the dark lobby. Airy biophilic curves and natural materials transport users to an internal playground with suspended furniture placed within green planting below new skylights. Consultants developed a custom-designed soothing soundscape while scent is injected into the space and changes throughout the day.

The design considers what the notion of luxury means to our senses. Research determined it’s not just about fixtures, fittings and the things you touch and feel, but it’s about creating an unexpected harmonious spatial quality and a holistic experience that includes concierge services, grandness of scale, high attention to detail and a tailored experience that respects the building’s celebrated context. This benchmark project is industry-defining in terms of what commercial landlords are now looking to provide their tenants, and that is a daily five-star wellness experience particularly in premium buildings.

Furniture: Tom Raffield, Jardan, Stylecraft, Living Edge. Lighting: Glowing Structure. Finishes: Henderson, Fibonacci, Alternative Surfaces, Dulux, Gfethers Veneers, Viridian. Fittings & Fixtures: Hansgrohe, Broadware, Apaiser, Duravit, Lockin Lockers, Five at Heart, Made Measure.

Photography: Shannon McGrath