Chifley Lifestyle

Gray Puksand

Chifley Lifestyle demonstrates the art of wellness and a healthy work-life balance with a premium end-of-trip facility at Chifley Towers, Sydney. Chifley Tower’s Manhattan-style architecture is distinctive on the Sydney skyline, so it was important to be true to that architectural intent but in a contemporary way. The project was designed with an awareness of the inhabitants of tomorrow while echoing 1930s glamour through a harmonious balance of grandeur, functionality and wellness.

Wellness in a work setting is about taking time out for yourself before you go to the office or before you go home. It’s about collecting yourself in a calm environment so that you can be the best you can be at work and at home. Every detail, from the custom-designed signage to the beautiful bespoke opaque glass panels, was carefully considered to reflect the building’s premium persona, the Chifley Lifestyle and the psychology of wellness in the corporate environment.

The sophisticated space comprises a sumptuous lobby with hydration stations, luxurious change room facilities with opulent grooming and vanity points, individual shower rooms and dressing areas, roughly 400 new lockers and over 200 bike racks. The existing organic curve of the basement provided a platform that was powerfully dynamic. Bespoke embellishments were designed to fit into this unique space and to take the idyllic art deco stylistics to the next level.

Chifley Lifestyle takes you on a journey as the curved corridor guides users from the basement car park. Once the doors close behind you, there’s stillness in the atmosphere. Moving through this transitional triple-height space offers a calming disconnect from daily demands. The material palette references the existing finishes within the building with quality materials such as natural stones, glass and aged brass. Finishes were selected for their longevity and timelessness. High-end fixtures add to the sense of luxury.

Furniture: Living Edge, Own World, Bolon. Lighting: Lee Broom, Prolight, Darkon, Barisol, Might, Modular, iGuzzini. Finishes: Polytec, Laminex, Astor Metal, Dulux, Axolotl, CDK, Devon Super, Calibre Concepts, Earp Bros, Regupol, Bolon. Fittings & Fixtures: Meir, Parisi, Sussex Taps, Zip Water, Five at Heart, custom (Gray Puksand), custom (Index and Co).

Photography: Luc Remond