Basecamp Power Yoga

Studio 11:11 with Cheshire Architects
New Zealand

Part of The Scrap Yard development in Grey Lynn, Auckland, the existing industrial building was thoughtfully restored by Cheshire Architects in 2018 with eight separate tenants to move into the premises. Studio 11:11 were engaged to transform an open-plan warehouse shell into an approachable, inviting and energetic hub for the Basecamp Power Yoga community. The design response celebrates the raw beauty of the existing architecture by exposing and highlighting it where appropriate and complementing it with refined yet unfussy joinery and detailing.

Studio 11:11 translated Basecamp’s philosophy of creating a solid foundation in life into the architecture. Rising up from the concrete slab at ground level and aligning with the central pitch of the roofline, a prominent staircase leads up from reception to the studio space. This interstitial zone allows the members to mentally and physically make the journey up to their mats for a heightened and focused experience. Practically, it also minimises the volume of air that needs to be heated for this type of yoga, meaning less power consumption and lower operating costs.

Studio 11:11’s design demonstrates a deep understanding of how the built environment impacts the wellbeing of the user. The combination of the plan arrangement and the finishes palette encourages natural light throughout the space. The lounge area provides opportunity for relaxed social interaction before and after classes – showing the importance placed on establishing a supportive and close-knit community of users. Social connection has been shown to lower anxiety and depression, help regulate emotions and improve our immune systems.

Studio 11:11 also explored the restorative and physiological impacts of certain materials used in the fit out. Natural cork tiles with zero VOC emissions were chosen for the main studio floor, bringing a warmth and softness to the surface under the body during yoga practise. The environment is alive with tactility and natural materials but retains the strength and gym-like foundations that reflect Basecamp’s core values of resilience, empowerment and adventure.

Furniture: Designer Warehouse, Nodi Rugs. Lighting: Lightplan, About Space. Finishes: Resene, PlyPlay, Eco Floors. Fittings & Fixtures: Waterware, Hafele, Clipsal.

Photography: Nicholas Wilkins