Virgin Active Barangaroo

Endrim Consulting

The ‘immersive fitness’ trend is changing the way we approach exercise, combining innovative workouts with traditional training methods to deliver sweat-inducing sessions, connecting with an ever-widening audience and thus attracting new customers. Virgin Active is leading the way with the introduction of powerful ‘experiential design’ within their clubs to make exercise irresistible. A brand famously known for challenging conventions was retested, reimagined and redefined.

The brief was to create the ultimate ‘boutique’ fitness experience. Moving away from a traditional gym approach, Endrim Consulting redefined what ‘active’ means by creating a holistic ‘health and wellness’ concept that goes far beyond physical fitness. It celebrates the ‘mind and body’ through an experience that focuses on ‘Seven Dimensions of Wellness’.

Everything about the design – materials, programs and music – is aligned to create a poly-sensory experience. Music lies at the foundation with a soundscape on daily rotation taking members on a mood-enhancing journey. Members begin their journey entering the ‘music lounge’, a hosted space where staff greet them upon arrival. Training begins in the ‘gear-up’ zone, a personalised service where members prepare for class from pre-booked booths with equipment ready to go. Natural, sustainable finishes and biophilia to improve air quality, helps members to focus their energies before training. ‘Pre/post game’ transitional corridors showcase the circadian rhythm process, as colours shift from warm to cool and to help set the body’s internal clock.

The entire design thinking for Virgin Active Barangaroo was based on human-centred design. Fused with a hospitality approach to service, change rooms, and look and feel, this provided the perfect basis to revolutionise the product Virgin was offering.

Photography: Guy Wilkinson.