Tencent Doctorwork

Studio Adjective

Tencent Doctorwork is a pioneer digital health service concept in China with Internet plus entity medical care development. It was jointly established by Tencent, GAW Capital, Medlinker and Sequoia Capital China. It is committed to adhering to the reform of China’s medical and health industry, driven by Internet technology. It provides fair A-grade, safe health management services to the general public.

The physical healthcare concept has been established in three flagship locations – Beijing, Chengdu and most recently Shenzhen, each with a size of approximately 9,000-square feet. Each location consists of a number of consultation rooms and treatment rooms, open areas plus co-working space for doctors to work and hold discussions, and a merchandise area where the general public can access medical goods. The design aim was to extend Tencent Doctorwork into a medical destination for the general public and also a faculty for experienced doctors.

To distinguish the design from other healthcare centres, a sense of tranquility and privacy plays an important role. The clusters of rooms are subdivided by different pathways that recall the sense of walking in nature with natural curves and the integration of lighting and greenery. The perspective and mood changes according to different requirements of the zones. This encourages a relaxing and calm journey of medical consultation. The paths extend into communal areas such as service stations, co-working spaces for doctors, and waiting areas.

Curved walls act as a natural barrier between zones to provide adequate privacy. The entrances of the consultation rooms are set back from all main circulation routes and plants are incorporated in these foyer areas as a shared landscape. Unlike the traditional ‘room by room’ arrangement in many healthcare projects, the pathway experience presents a harmonious and soothing atmosphere with a simple material palette.

Photography: Wilson Lee and Samson Lee.