Moyem Medical Aesthetics

Studio Juju

Moyem is a medical aesthetic clinic located within Singapore’s Great World City shopping centre, providing treatment for people who seek to enhance their physical wellness and strive toward a desired quality of lifestyle. Studio Juju interpreted the spatial design as a representation of the artistry and sensitivity of care given to each client. Spatial elements are artfully composed and the curves in the space create an atmosphere that is emotive, confident and gentle in spirit.

The technical-looking air-conditioning slots and diffusers were carefully hidden between ceiling drops and walls during the design development stage. The designers conceived of the walls, ceiling and floor as a united sculptural canvas that receives the gradients of soft lighting and primary finishes without blemishes.

The designers strived to create an experience that is beyond that offered by just any medical aesthetic clinic. They wanted an atmosphere that allows people to discover as they navigate, and to be reinvigorated by being immersed in the space. Through the atmosphere that this design brings forth, they wish to shift the perception of professional medical aesthetic clinics – that they typically look clinical or luxurious – toward an experience that is refreshing and confident. Studio Juju had the opportunity to pursue this design direction because the client shared a common interest in the creation of an atmosphere that is both surprising and refreshing.

Photography: Studio Periphery