Healing Touch

Youngblood Creation

Life is a journey of enlightenment. With this approach, the Healing Touch Reflexology and Wellness Centre in Malaysia’s Genting Highlands offers an experience of the journey of life through eight key ‘enlightenments’: Heal, Pure, Tranquil, Clarity, Solidity, Meditation, Orderly and Aurora. The wellness centre offers eight individual services, from foot steaming to reflexology and massage. One ‘enlightenment’ element defines each individual service zone. When one has completed the full series of services, it is to say that one has completed the enlightenment of the journey of life, hence peace and longevity should be achieved.

The interior encompasses an area of 5,600 square feet. Youngblood Creation adopted raw elements for the concept and background of the space. Wood, steel, stone and greenery embrace the interior, projecting a harmonious look that suggests the idea of ‘back to nature’. The intention was to capture the spirit of balance and tranquility in life.

A key challenge in the design was to create a space suggesting ‘openness’ to mirror the state of mind that is being encouraged, while maintaining the separation of spaces according to zones. Coherence of materials was crucial to connecting the pockets of spaces, but with the play of hierarchy across floor levels, the areas were further defined and demarcated. Similarly, in the journey of life, one will face different states of mind and obstacles that we have the power to overcome.

The client wished to share her ideas about life’s lessons to the users of the space, encouraging them to experience life the way it should be – openly, calmly, steadily, and above all, with love for ourselves (our soul and body).

Photography: Faiz Naquiddin Abd Lataf and EiChi Tay