Hurlstone Memorial Reserve Community Centre

Sam Crawford Architects

The Hurlstone Memorial Reserve Community Centre welcomes the local community with multiple access points and vistas. The new pavilion is open for meetings, parties, talks and other community functions.

Connectivity was a key design driver, directing both the form and layout of the building. The soft Y shape allows multiple entry points so that the centre can be approached from several different access points into the park. Its three curved sides feature large glass doors, allowing transparency, cross ventilation and accessibility. The layout allows spaces around the building to be maximised for public use. Each side forms a sheltered courtyard, and circulation around the building is also facilitated.

The shape of the building minimises the building mass in the landscape, allowing views through the building from different angles, while framing views from within to all areas of the park.

Perforated screens on the roof and an undulating façade create a lantern effect, offering views out and up, bringing light in and promoting safety. The materials, colours and forms complement the Federation heritage of the area.


Finishes: Laminex, Glennon Tiles, iQ Surface.


Photography: Brett Boardman