Harudot By Nana Coffee Roasters – Chon Buri

IDIN Architects

Harudot café is a collaboration between Nana Coffee Roasters and the landlord who is a plant enthusiast. “Haru” translates to “Spring” in Japanese, referring to “new beginning” and “growth”, while “Dot” symbolises a “starting point”.

This café aims to become a destination for visitors and to include the landlord’s identity in the design. The architect uses the concept of a new beginning by placing a tree in the heart of the architecture and pulling the roof apart to create an open court.

The brand is inspired by Japan which is represented through the black gables that contrast with the warm wood interior to reflect the simple yet intricate nature of Japanese culture. This contrast is carried into the interior as the space morphs with dynamic curves, creating a surprise from the simple exterior.

The zoning of Harudot is separated into three masses with open courts which result in the dynamic curved forms in these semi-outdoor areas. In the interior, the voids are enclosed with Barrisol ceilings to create a softly lit atmosphere. Indoor seating is designed to be continuous with different heights to different uses while the outdoor seating is made from a mixture of resin, leaves and coffee grounds.


Furniture: Custom. Lighting: Light Up (Interior), Lamptitude (Exterior). Finishes: TOA (Paint Color), Sherwin-Williams (Wood Wall), SCG (Terrazzo), Sita (WC Tile), Cotto (Mosaic Tile. Fittings & Fixtures: American Standard (Sanitary), Sana (Faucet).


Photography: DOF Sky|Ground