A restaurant with monumental significance, quite literally, has solidified its place as a hero of Brisbane’s dining scene. A refocus on ceremony and ritual takes loyal diners to new culinary depths. Channelling permanence, perseverance, and the temple of Baalbeck, Gerard’s 2.0 just entered its iconic era.

Gerard’s blends Lebanese cultural heritage into its Queensland setting, eschewing clichéd themes for an authentic expression of materiality and spatial design. The reimagined space contrasts intimate and private dining areas with a vibrant central bar, a near-permanent fit out that praises the collective pleasures of dining.

Collaborations with artists Lauren Brincat and Sally Kerkin enhance this connection to craftsmanship and tradition, positioning Gerard’s as a testament to the universal relevance of a meal shared.


Furniture – Bespoke by J.AR OFFICE, HAY Pallisade, Cult. Lighting: iGuzzini, Light and Design Group (LAD). Finishes: Olibio Tiles, Academy Tiles, Rammed Earth, Rammed Earth Construction. Finishes: Dulux. Fittings & Fixtures: Stainless Steel joinery, Precision Engineering, Tapware, Astrawalker.


Photography: David Chatfield