Alchemist Orchard Road

Wynk Collaborative

Located in a sheltered open-air space at a corner off Orchard Road, the space is designed to be a quiet oasis within the bustle of the area. The design of the space is built around the idea of a timber pavilion nestled on the gently sloped site, providing shelter and respite to passers-by.
The slanting terrain is articulated into a series of terraced platforms, which is overlaid with a composition of abstract timber structures that form benches for sitting and also loosely carve the space into smaller intimate areas, allowing visual porosity through the space.

Landscape elements are interplayed with the timber structures, overlapping each other, fusing soft organic elements with the straight lines and industrial accents.


Furniture: Loose furniture : by Client. Lighting: Architectural lighting, Lightbasic. Finishes: Oak veneer, Pebblewash, Stainless Steel,Painted mild steel.


Photography: Jovian Lim