St Hubert’s Cellar Door

Cera Stribley

St Hubert’s Cellar Door, one of the oldest wineries in the Yarra Region, has reopened its doors following a world-class transformation. Creating anticipation and a sense of theatre, the site rises from the ground in a single, swift curve, piquing curiosity as it hints at what lays inside.

The design was drawn from the brand’s namesake: the fable of Saint Hubertus, Patron Saint of The Hunt. As the fable goes, Saint Hubertus’ life was turned around after an encounter with a magnificent stag carrying a shining cross between its antlers in the Forest of Ardennes. Saint Hubertus is a symbol of ethical hunting and the conservation of wildlife.

The stages of ‘the hunt’ – ‘track and forage’, ‘encounter’, ‘gather’, ‘reconnect’, and ‘rest’ – became the catalyst for the overall design narrative, with the new St Hubert’s Cellar Door encapsulating the ‘encounter’ stage, where visitors directly engage with the St Hubert’s brand.

Internally, the concept of ‘the hunt’ is expressed through materiality that is inherently authentic, minimalist, and natural. Locally-sourced, recycled timber features heavily throughout the interior design of the Cellar Door, from the panelling on the walls to the raw-edged timber wine tasting benches. At the heart of the space, a custom-commissioned stag sculpture by local artist Tim Clarkson takes pride of place – a nod to both St Hubert’s ‘The Stag’ wine range, and Saint Hubertus’ fabled life-changing encounter with the magnificent stag.


Furniture: Arranmore Furniture, Hospitality Furniture Concepts, Contempo & Co, Paris Decor, Stylecraft, Cult. Lighting: NDY Light. Finishes: Eco Outdoor, Concrete Grinding Concepts, Fade Australia, Bronzeworks, Viridian, Barton Glass, Laminex. Fittings & Fixtures: Astra Walker, Zip, Caroma and Franke from Reece, Brodware, Fisher Paykel and Westinghouse from Winning Appliances.


Photography: Peter Bennetts, Dianna Snape, Kristoffer Paulsen