Pizza 4P’s BKK1

Bloom Architecture

Pizza 4P is a chain of zero-waste restaurants operating throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. Their newest site, in the Boeung Keng Kang District of Phnom Penh, reinforces their determination toward sustainability to make a better impact on the local community and the planet. Bloom Architecture approached the project with a key goal to pursue design from a different angle, being conscious to create the most out of the least resources.

Situated on a busy intersection, the site acts as a key focal point in the streetscape, with its pink open structure a symbol of contemporary society. The exterior of the building is clad in louvres fabricated from over 7.8 tonnes of plastic waste (the equivalent of the waste for 78 people over a year), which was collected from milk boxes, snack bags, straws, and food containers. Deficient wooden beams from the site were repurposed into three benches and chipped ceramic plates from the other Pizza 4P’s stores were collected to clad the pizza oven.

The project turned the issue of plastic pollution in Southeast Asia into a source of happiness by addressing the lack of public awareness and understanding of sustainability. The creative and conscious approach of Pizza 4P has transformed the building to a source of education, meaning whoever is passing on Rue Pastuer of Boeung Keng Kang district will gain an insight into sustainability awareness.


Lighting: Dr. Illumination. Fittings & Fixture: Cotto, Home Decor Center.


Photography: Robert Kleiner