Luma Restaurant and Bar

Hachem Architecture

Luma, meaning ‘light’ in French, is the reimagined restaurant at central Adelaide’s boutique Art Nouveau hotel, The Playford. Hachem revived a tired space to deliver an Instagram-worthy dining room that has re-established The Playford as a destination venue.

Arguably the most visible part of The Playford hotel, the restaurant had lost its lustre in recent times. This had the effect of bringing down the public perception of the entire venue. Therefore, it was determined to prioritise the renovation of this space while driving a narrative that would underpin the redevelopment of the remainder of the hotel.

The budget did not permit a complete rebuild, so the design team instead updated several existing features while adding a number of striking additions. For instance, the existing ceiling coffer was rendered with a curved edge to deliver a contemporary take on this classic feature. Columns were wrapped and ribbed to complement the ceiling design while a sculptural chandelier draws on the ornamental motifs in The Playford’s logo to counterpoint to the rigid formation of the ceiling fenestration.


Furniture: Grazia & Co, Custom furniture designed by Hachem. Lighting: Light Force, ILANEL. Finishes: Unique Fabrics, Warwick Fabric, Heritage Wallpaper, Zepel, Materialised, W H Amad, Bill Christopher Textiles, Maharam, Instyle, Dulux, Porters Paints, Briggs Veneers. Fittings & Fixtures: Reece Plumbing.


Photography: Nicole Reed