Laizhou Bar

RooMoo Design Studio

Laizhou Bar is the new brand experience site for China’s most extensive whisky distillery, Bacchus. Bacchus has always adhered to the green production concept of “born from nature, walking with nature”, based on having one of the few global whisky distilleries with pot and continuous column stills; it is also the first group company in China to practise the green concept of net zero emissions and set carbon neutrality as its long-term goal. The new bar hopes to present the brand’s culture and attitude toward Chinese whisky.

The overall space planning of Laizhou Bar comprises a whisky tasting area, VIP room, bar area, kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor seating area. The site was assembled using 6,000 pieces of discarded wooden barrels dismantled from the whiskey barrels of the distillery.

The double-ring structure on the top of the indoor tasting and bar areas forms an infinite visual impression, echoing the distillery’s green and environmentally friendly whiskey production methods. The dome structure formed by discarded wooden barrel pieces on the top surface highlights the particular function as the centre of the space. In addition, the lighting design of the marquee strengthens the unique flow of natural time extension at night.


Lighting: WOY Lighting Design


Photography: Wen Studio