Wood Pavilion #1 – An Experiment of Archetype

LIN Architecture

Wood Pavilion #1 is an experimental structure located near the river in the tourist area of Jiangxin Island in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. For this In this project, LIN Architecture looked beyond the functional elements of architecture and looked for keywords that can define spatial elements in the environment to lead their design process. After analysing the site, the design focuses on three key words: ergonomic, proxemics and behaviorology.

Research on the behaviour of different people proved an inspirational design resource, pushing the possibilities of space conceptualisation. Undulating timber arcs cast in dark timber are intersected by beams of light, which create sharp light wells that change depending on the viewer’s aspect and time of day. Human behaviour, such as sitting, squatting, lying down, meditating, listening, peeping, wandering, overlooking and even staring, instructs how the space is understood, with perspective key in how the form is understood. Beyond human interaction, the other master of the space is light, where the rising of the sun, the setting of the sun, the passing of the last light, the coming of the lamp, the illumination creates a dialogue between space and time


Fittings & Fixtures: Mulekangmu Wood  Company.

Photography: Songkai LIU