Stomping Grounds

Studio Y & placeformspace

Stomping Ground Morris Moor by Studio Y and placeformspace revitalises an old cigarette factory boiler room that works hand-in-hand with resourcefulness and sustainability to create a delightful beer hall and unique event space. The development location was unique, and the project was required to respond to the suburban industrial residential area of the venue while creating a welcoming, inclusive, energetic gathering space providing locals the space to enjoy.

Studio Y and placeformspace responded to this brief by carefully considering the size. The scale of the existing building meant that they needed to employ zoning techniques to create intimate pockets within the venue whilst retaining the open plan, beer hall experience. A full height timber grid structure is the main architectural element, tying the outdoors with the indoors, whilst serving a functional purpose, housing services, lighting, brewery equipment and planters. Outside, the structure serves a similar functional element, supporting a retractable roof, and intertwining the venue with the surrounding outdoor context.

The project has a focus on sustainability throughout this project was critical, with recycling and upcycling integral to the finished space. The main bar was created by recycling the old switchboards found in the factory, and used to clad the bar front. Old pipes were restructured to house planters and greenery, and the timber structure featured throughout was constructed using a recycled timber.

The studios tailored and engineered all the light fittings to have layers of optimised filters that replicated the natural colours and tones of a sunset, creating a warm, welcoming, late afternoon feeling. Additionally, kept the overall approach was kept quite minimal, including layers and textures to create a lived-in, unintimidating feeling that feels as though the venue has existed for generations, welcoming locals and families.


Lighting: Ambience Lighting

Photography: Derek Swalwell