Alexander Lotersztain

Ping Pong Thai restaurant in Brisbane, Australia is defined by its punchy, fun menu and hyper-pink interior both amusing and pleasing diners alike. The Brief was simple – Create an all-encompassing, sensory dining experience, the likes of which Brisbane hasn’t seen before.

A destination in itself for its vibrant interiors, Ping Pong’s design elevates the senses with its confidently constructed details. The front of the restaurant presents a hyper-pink all-encompassing sensorial feast with over 300 spheric pendant lights highlighting the effervescent details of both dishes and interiors alike. Hidden from the main view a secret dining area presents contrasting tones with dimly lit lighting and wild prints in the immersive and secluded Jungle Room.

Ping Pong’s vibrant interior doesn’t hold back, it pushes functionality and fun to new heights and challenges the conventional use colour. Colour: in this project, has been used to create an all-encompassing sensory feast and demarcate separate dining spaces that have very different requirements: The main dining hall, ‘hustle and bustle, and the secluded dinning nook, a quiet zone, a ’retreat’.


Furniture: Derlot. Lighting: Derlot, Seletti. Finishes: Derlot.

Photography: Florian Groehn.