HALATION Bistro/Lounge

RooMoo Design Studio

‘Halation’ is a fascinating word in astronomy. Deliver experience, meticulous and unique, comfortable sense and friendly, and it is the brand logic of HALATION Bistro/Lounge. As the brand’s first outpost, HALATION’s products combine local tea with wine to create unique taste bud experiences for their guests.

Located in the prosperous 800-show area of Changde Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, design team RooMoo drew on the diverse community of locals and expats to combine the oriental concept of symbiosis with nature and Western design techniques. The space is divided into two parts, the sky and the earth, bringing with it two distinct colourways to segregate the space. The sky becomes an experimental site for celestial design themes: with suspending halos and spherical shapes drawing the eye upward. Colours blend int0 earthier tones as they meld toward the floor, where grass block pavers give the space a forest-floor feel.


Furniture: Yizhu Shanghai Decoration Engineering Co. Lighting: WOY Lighting Design Co, Yizhu Shanghai Decoration Engineering Co. Finishes: Yizhu Shanghai Decoration Engineering Co. Fittings & Fixtures: Yizhu Shanghai Decoration Engineering Co.


Photography: Wen Studio