There in the middleness

Nathan Yong Design

There in the middleness, probes the ideas of how, as a progressive society, there is a need to re-evaluate the effects of our modernisation in a post-pandemic world.

Set as a monolith within the greenery of The Padang, in Singapore, and distanced from the city’s modern skyline, the installation draws the viewer to its peaceful inner sanctum. The aim of the installation is to lift the spirits of the viewer and reimagine new possibilities for the future.

The geometric form of the installation the circle symbolises hope and healing and people were encouraged to sit in the circle to rest and contemplate.

The installation is made of 124 cast concrete blocks that measure one metre by 0.35 centimetres by 0.45 centimetres and each piece weighs 125 kilograms. LED lights have been installed below to enhance the night-time experience, and the blocks have been arranged in a 40-metre diameter ring. The public was invited to contribute meaningful words to be included on the surface of the pieces.

The weight and size of the installation symbolises the holding onto the historical ground of The Padang field – as it is the only green space in the civic district.

At night, the sculptural bench is lit with running lights at intervals of one minute and has also been programmed to run in opposite directions between the inner and outer ring of light. This symbolises the conflict of humankind.

The installation was dismantled after featuring in the Light to Night Festival and pieces procured by various agencies in Singapore such as the Asian Civilisation Museum, National Design Centre, The Promontory at Marina Bay, The National Gallery and Lasalle School of the Arts, to ensure the that There in the middleness continues to live another life.