Nature Discovery Park

LAAB Architects with PLandscape & Speirs Major
Hong Kong

Located at the heart of Hong Kong, Nature Discovery Park is a rooftop nature conservatory in a newly redeveloped retail destination, the K11 MUSEA. The spatial design brings people together through advocating the co-existence of humans, nature, and the urban environment.

The nature exploration journey begins with an archive that showcases rare butterfly species, leading to an aquarium that hosts the water and tropic marine species of the Victoria Harbour across the site if there were no pollution.

Inside the greenhouse, a hydroponic nursery brings organically grown vegetables on the table, while the farm offers urban farming opportunities for city dwellers, promoting values such as rooftop farming.

As Hong Kong is home to a multitude of butterfly species, the nature discovery journey ends at a butterfly garden that grows plants to attract insects. The glasshouse features large sliding glass doors that open its interior to the outdoor farm and to save energy, an IGU glass facade was used to reduce heat gain. The sliding doors are always opened to draw in sunlight and to enhance natural ventilation and the roof is slightly pitched forward so that the architecture catches the prevailing wind from the harbour.

The reflection of the farm on the glasshouse against the surrounding skyscrapers produces a visual reminder of the co-existence of nature and urbanism.

The architecture of the glasshouse was designed with a humble form to evoke a sense of simplicity and respect for nature, with an open, transparent door that maximises the visual connectivity with the outdoor farm and the Victoria Harbour.


Furniture: Ton. Lighting: custom (LAAB Architects). Finishes: Challpac, Mirage. Fittings & Fixtures: Bain d’Or.


Photography: Otto Ng of LAAB Architects