Fish Lane Town Square

Richards & Spence with RPS Landscape Architects

Fish Lane Town Square is the culmination of an urban renewal strategy along Fish Lane within South Brisbane. The project includes a public park with landscaping and two new buildings.

A clear framework was designed to transform 38 private carparks into a 2,500 square metre subtropical public space with more than 3,000 plants and hundreds of trees, while embracing the overhead rail line.

A variety of public art pieces have been curated to activate the Town Square space, that also encourages users to dwell and learn more about the history of the area.

South Brisbane has long needed a Town Square precinct for residents and pedestrians to enjoy. By curating retailers for the project, Fish Lane Town Square is able to attract visitors and continue to grow and attract patronage from all across the city, As a testament to this the average pedestrian visitation of Fish Lane has grown from 400 people per day to 10,000 people over the seven-year period since inception, and Town Square has significantly added to the pedestrian count.

Fish Lane Town Square is a unique design that reflects the heritage of its suburb. There is public activation with dining and meeting places and the project has created an identity for South Brisbane residents where they can gather and enjoy what the suburb has to offer.


Photography: Peter Sexty, Scott Burrows