Pangolin Village

Timothy Oulton Studio

The Pangolin Village is a social and living space created for a manufacturing company to host and entertain private visitors to their factory facility in Enping in southern Guangdong, China. It is comprised of two fully prefabricated timber dome structures, each clad in stainless steel shingles. The inspiration for the outer shell was derived from the company’s talisman, the pangolin – an endangered scaled, armoured mammal that rolls itself into a ball for protection.

The larger 12-metre dome was designed as an entertaining space for client hosting and socialising with a mezzanine level that provides additional space for larger gatherings. It is also used as a communal living area for the two luxury guest suites, which are housed in the smaller 9-metre dome.

The main space includes an open kitchen pantry, a round dining table for up to 12 guests and four separate lounge areas for variously sized groups. Both of the stainless steel shingled domes were supplied as complete prefabricated kits, manufactured using reclaimed timbers and the highest standards of insulation and double glazing. The timber and stone create a fresh, welcoming atmosphere.

Domes are ancient, from igloos to The Pantheon, and the experience inside them is visceral and protecting with an enveloping sense of calm created by the arching walls that become roof and then walls again in a single swoop. The form of the architecture creates a safe and welcoming feeling that instantly puts visitors at ease, instilling confidence through a sense of security.

Photography: Alex Chomicz.