Charlie & Rose
Hong Kong

Chaiwala is a lively Indian restaurant in Hong Kong consisting of three distinct spaces: the Chai Bar, the Kitchen and the Dining Hall. A sense of intrigue and a creative energy flows throughout. Accessed via a British salon (called Hugger Mugger) and through antique doors, diners enter into a vibrant environment reflecting the hustle and bustle synonymous with India.

The brief was to create a vibrant and playful dining experience that would proudly complement the bold flavours of Indian cuisine. Charlie & Rose created an interior with a range of dining settings and experiences to suit all preferences and special occasions. The resulting space is loud, bright and full off tongue-in-cheek details.

Chaiwala was designed to be unique and hard to replicate, with a combination of humour and authenticity that adequately reflects the colours and quirks of India and bolsters the tastes and aromas of the cuisine. It was cleverly and intricately detailed in every aspect. All furniture and lighting was either designed bespoke or sourced via rummaging through endless Indian antique markets. Additionally, many aspects have been hand-made, such as wallpapers, signage details, chandeliers and artworks.

Photography: Chester Ong.