Joey Scandizzo Salon

Kennon Architecture & Interiors

Joey Scandizzo Salon showcases the re-design of an existing business, its functional plan, operations and brand identity within a new interior.

Located in a former State Savings Bank built in 1890, the building is architectural grandeur at its best.  During the project beautiful Italianate Victorian original details were uncovered behind false walls and ceilings. These features were repaired and renewed and now complement the contemporary detailing.

Local craftspeople and trades were employed to ensure a custom product and material approach that included the central pendant light, the terrazzo stone furniture, signage and the custom plaster finish.

The interior design compartmentalises the process of discovery through a journey for the customer. Cutting stations have been positioned in a singular arched bay, and the material selection is soft, calming and resilient. As a meeting place the Salon is home to a community and Joey Scandizzo Salon is a home away from home that exudes raw energy yet incorporates comfort and relaxation.


Lighting: Luke Mills. Finishes: Fibonacci, Top Notch Coating. 


Photography: Timothy Kaye