House of Madison, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Spanning more than 483 square metres over two stories, House of Madison is a flagship concept store for exclusive home and kitchen brands in Hong Kong. The interior design is multi-purpose and serves to showcase product within a space that can transform into a social venue for talks, gastronomy demonstrations, art exhibitions and private dinners. The new design also incorporates a section for pop-up retail concepts to engage with a wider customer pool and attract foot traffic from the main thoroughfare.

To imbue the space with authenticity, the design has taken a more residential approach but also includes an historic interpretation of ‘tong lau’ – Cantonese shophouses designed for both commercial and residential uses – that are still preserved in parts of Wanchai today.

The main entrance opens into an interior courtyard, where arch lines and metal-clad columns contrast with greenery. The ground floor has been transformed into a flexible retail platform, while the upper level becomes a living space for the imagined shop owners. The original staircase was completed removed, giving way to a sculptural stairway that is viewed upon entry and through the store’s vast windows. Space planning centred on crafting a sequence of interior ‘scenes’ that encourage movement and flow. The design injects domestic softness by sectioning off various functional areas through layers of arches – a recurring motif that references the European heritage of the brands under the House of Madison. Appearing in pairs on the upper floor, the arches are constructed from a combination of metal mesh – bronze material bent and manipulated to form openings – anchored by ultra-thin bronze frames as archways. Carved in different widths and curvature, the archways were precisely measured to allow a unique play on light, and to complement specific furniture pieces on display.


Furniture: bulthaup, Wittmann, Sub-Zero & Wolf, Kvadrat. Lighting: Viabizzuno. Finishes: Kvadrat. Fittings & Fixtures: Rimadesio.


Photography: Kevin Mak (1km Studio), Lit Ma (Commonstudio)