HAYDON Beauty Collection Store


Through the design of HAYDON the most impressive beauty brands in the world have been brought together in this signature store. The brand is inspired by the mysterious celestial body of the ‘Black Hole’, located in space that attracts all things to flow into the unknown realm with a powerful gravitational field. HAYDON uses the concept of the black hole to break the definition of beauty, and uses artistic sense and technological power to build a black hole-like experiential space for clients.

The design style of HAYDON is simple, using the most concise architectural language to integrate with the surrounding Lingnan architecture. The facade incorporates the design technique of optical illusion as each module is cut on the oblique. The frontage appears as a mysterious box, using black, stone material to showcase the architectural aesthetics by the golden ratio. The colour grey complements the black and also provides a harmonious accompaniment to the characteristic Lingnan architecture.

The entire space presents an international and cutting-edge trend. The reconstructed and upgraded Beijing Road Pedestrian Street adds to the location of HAYDON and continues the prosperity of the Beijing Road. The HAYDON will create a new classic chapter in the shopping experience.


Photography: Zaohui Huang, Peng Zhong