Wynk Collaborative

The GINLEE Studio store is designed as a quiet respite from the city, with soft lines and a palette of off whites, pebble wash, and accents of wood and stainless steel. While an inviting outdoor courtyard with lush greenery, bathed in a diffused light forms the focal point of the store and draws the eye of the visitor inwards.

As a clothing retail store that incorporates a workshop space for an on-site pleating service, GINLEE is unique. Garments and other products are pleated to order in the shop and the process is showcased to the customer at the pleating table with tool racks and a built-in pleat steamer.

The aesthetics of the interior evoke the spaces of Singapore and Tel Aviv, as these are the countries of origin of the owners. The overall vibe is clean and pared back and the colour palette consists of mainly off-whites with grey pebble-wash, with accents of stainless steel and wood. With a suggestion of pleating through forms, elements such as a series of custom stainless steel clothing racks and also the geometry of the walls have been included in the interior design.

The store as a contemporary retail shop provides a space for pause, a visual break from the merchandise and a moment of contemplation. The shopping experience is also further layered with the integration of the on-site pleating workshop space that brings the production process right to the heart of the store; connecting customers, in an immediate and personal way and showcasing the value of the craft and hand work that goes into each item.


Furniture: Case Furniture. Lighting: Justbuild. Finishes: Hafary, Nippon Paints, EDL. Fittings & Fixtures: racks, counter and steamer custom built  by Justbuild.


Photography: Jovian Lim, Offvices