Bund Post Office – Institution Redefined

Yatofu Creatives

The Ningbo’s Bund (Waitan) area holds high historic significance as the home of the province’s first post office. In establishing the Bund Post Office in a new location on the banks of the Yongjiang River, there has been a revival of the significance of the institution and a re-establishment of its role at the centre of the community.

In creating the new Post Office there is reverence for tradition but also a pushing of boundaries. Through a collaboration with ‘Nordic Books’ the design emphasis of the Bund Post Office becomes more lifestyle focused, while adding contemporary cultural interests into the mix.

The Bund Post Office’s three floors comprise of post counter and station, gift and souvenir retail displays and a children’s play area that is also used for workshops and seasonal events. The colour palette of white, greens and rich shades of red reference history but is presented in a modern context. The materials chosen are durable and long lasting with terrazzo as flooring and micro-cement on walls ensuring easy maintenance in the future. A striking white staircase structure sweeps through the space from the first floor up to the mezzanine, to create a bold visual statement that also incorporates functional writing surfaces and retail display structures.

The Bund Post office becomes a one-stop-shop for customers looking to send greetings and presents for celebratory purposes, and at the same time, serve as a gathering point for the community’s families for seasonal events. In its completed form, the Bund Post Office delivers a fresh perspective on the role of the post office in the modern setting to reach beyond its founding purpose.  


Furniture: Hangzhou Baolai Engineering Co. Ltd. Lighting: Hangzhou Baolai Engineering Co.Ltd. Ningbo Puhang Smart Technology Co. Ltd. Finishes: Topciment, Gui Yi, Tarkett, Yinzhou Xiaying Anhao, Hangzhou Baolai Engineering Co. Ltd.


Photography: Wen Studio