The Green


The Green in Foshan adopts a very different model from typical retail stores for healthcare products. It breaks away from conventional practice and aims to cultivate a space that encourages social interaction and promotes a balanced lifestyle that helps bring mental tranquillity. With the space being narrow and fairly small, the biggest challenge was how to create a distinguished experience that’s clearly set apart from traditional healthcare shops.

The client wanted to divide the shop into two areas: a health product area and a red wine area. The aim was to combine these two irrelevant things to create a new concept of ‘life museum’ with rich taste. Overall, the feeling needed to be calm and comfortable, yet elegant. The site was previously planted with coconut trees, which suggested to M.R. STUDIO an urban resort-slash-residential character – open kitchen, salon for wine tasting, and outdoor area in which to relax.

The aim was to create a calming space that reminds guests of a welcoming living room where they could spend quality time with friends and indulge in a fine wine tasting. A variety of healthcare products are displayed in the arch-shaped oak feature wall. While immersed in this soothing environment, guests can take their time to choose from abundant selection. The application of oak brought a sense of nature and has a calming effect. Along with it, marble enriches the texture of the space.

The facade design draws on a singular approach with the beauty of geometry. It promotes a perfectly balanced notion that responds to the business aspiration – the introduction of an innovative concept for a balanced lifestyle. Originally wine and health products seemed oppositional. On a simple level, the design narrative brings them together tactfully, all the while ensuring a sense of frivolity so that the new store appeals to the modern-day shopper.

Finishes: Guangdong Century Decoration Engineering Co. Fittings & Fixtures: Guangdong Century Decoration Engineering Co.

Photography: Steven Ko