Ozlana Flagship

Pattern Studio

Ozlana are a new fashion label, based in Australia and primarily catering to the fashion tourism market – predominately from China. Ozlana’s target is the ‘youth luxury’ market, which is an emerging demographic driving the luxury retail sector globally. Pattern Studio was approached to design Ozlana’s inaugural flaghip store in Sydney. The team wanted a space that embodied and celebrated the brand’s core values: a quality product embodying a whimsical and feminine essence.

The brand’s core product is outerwear, specifically the parka. Given Sydney’s typically warm climate, the design of the store sought to invoke a feeling of winter cool. The design worked with a reductive material palette in soft pastel hues. A luxurious quality was woven through the design with the use of natural stone, semi-precious onyx, and brass detailing. Contrasting scale and form bring a sense of playfulness and wonder.

Entry to the boutique is granted through an impressive 2.4-metre-wide brass-enclosed glass pivot door with a custom-designed handle in the form of a large primordial onyx stone, instantly framing the interior in a manner enticing social media-honed eyes. Crossing the threshold from the busy retail mall, a sense of soothing calm is instantly granted. The interior’s walls and floors are lined with honed London white marble, enveloping the space in a cocooning soft and fresh snow-like setting. Accents of pale blue further enhance a feeling of winter cool.

Elemental features include the pink onyx point of sale counter. The ‘hero’ piece’s exquisitely dramatic veining contrasts magnificently with the ultra-clean and minimal detailing of the weighty monolith. Custom display plinths and cabinets combine repetitive Doric marble columns of varying diameters and heights in a distinctly Kubrickian retro-futuristic manner, mingling with softly curved glacier granite stone detailing and glass. Their combined heft intentionally responds to the transient nature of e-shopping, solidifying the tactile pleasure of the retail experience within the boutique.

Furniture: Custom (Pattern Studio). Lighting: Apparatus Studio (Criteria Collection), Ambience Lighting. Finishes: CDK Stone, custom (Tappeti), Kvadrat, Med Marble, RMS. Fittings & Fixtures: Custom.

Photography: Traianos Pakioufakis