Guiniang Experience Store

Ippolito Fleitz Group

Baijiu is the world’s most widely drunk spirit. The Chinese liquor is like none other and is becoming increasingly popular around the globe thanks to its versatility as a cocktail spirit. Some parts of the world, however, have yet to encounter the ‘white alcohol’. The Guiniang Group wants this to change. The Shanghai-based company has set its sights on bringing this cult drink to a new level – on an equal footing with world-famous, international spirit brands.

The interior design for the first Guiniang Experience Store in Shanghai combines a product with a long tradition and a modern lifestyle at the highest level. Ippolito Fleitz Group created a meticulously curated customer journey through the traditions of Baijiu and the brand values of Guiniang. The creative ideas for the store found their foundation in the essences of the region of origin, the beautiful Guizhou province. The design approach also followed the inspiration of water, the source of life and the soul of wine, powerful yet soft in its flow, just like the high-quality products of the Guiniang brand.

The concept translates the exceptional care that Guiniang invests in the production process into a world of sophisticated materials. Everything is crafted in a very precise and high-quality way – from marble floors to an elaborate lamellae ceiling, designed to recall the overlapping silhouettes of the Guizhou mountains. The warm lighting reflects the natural colours and gently conducts the client through the store.

The designers wanted to underline the uniqueness of the Guiniang brand and the craziness of the Baijiu (especially its aftertaste) with a remarkable and unforgettable architectural space of unique shapes, layering and materials. To reflect the high-quality creations by Guiniang and the exclusive brand experience, the designers created a space as unique as the taste of a high-quality Baijiu.

Lighting: Ippolito Fleitz Group.

Photography: Sui Sicong