In Good Company Jewel Changi Airport Store


In Good Company Jewel Changi Airport Store is a shopping space designed like a contemporary gallery. To accentuate In Good Company dresses as artworks, the idea was to provide the dresses with a certain ‘context’. Large curved surfaces, some designed with a slight twist, are used as a backdrop for the dresses, allowing for subtle variations of light and shadows. The design was to be subtle and understated yet sophisticated in details that are both essential and effortlessly achieved.

The primary focus was to create a sense of discovery. Instead of an open-plan store where merchandise is presented in plain sight, the store is organised with a series of enlarged, towering curved walls. Customers are welcome to meander around these curved surfaces to view the products. The curved walls help to visually isolate pieces of merchandise from each other, improving the level of focus on the products. The dancing walls guide the customers through the store. Dressed in different colours and textures from terracotta to cement pigments, from fluted to textured stucco, these walls present themselves in contrapposto and poise.

In Good Company Jewel Changi Airport Store was designed with a purposeful attention to detail to achieve minimal or no joint lines. For example, the signature ‘floating’ counter in other In Good Company stores has been transformed into a curved counter to adapt to the curved walls. The long, curved counter is supported by only nine slender metal legs that tilt in different directions. To achieve this, electricians, metal workers, tilers and carpenters had to work hand in hand. Another example is the tilting curved walls that appear to be off-centre. A special method was used to mould plasterboard to shape in order to strengthen and reinforce the framework.

Lighting: PALICON Lighting. Finishes: Panelogue.

Photography: Lauryn Ishak