Beautysaur Organics / ‘Eclectic Bodies’

Bean Buro
Hong Kong

This flagship store for organic skincare brand Beautysaur is situated in the K11 MUSEA shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. The unique aesthetic of soft curves and sculptural display elements creates a visually strong identity while providing a smooth and comfortable customer experience. With an artistic narrative inspired by ‘the beautiful and primitive nature of colourful dinosaurs’, the design process explored a set of carefully crafted custom display elements, soft material textures, and fresh, soothing colours.

Beautysaur Organics offers an eclectic collection of exclusive skincare products from around the world. The brand has been highly successful with their online store, and the vision was to provide the brand with a robust physical presence to attract a broader array of customers. The physical store would also allow the brand to organise events and workshops to introduce the latest skincare products and knowledge to the general public.

The design process involved an initial immersion period to analyse the brand’s existing online and in-store customer experiences, as well as the current and future demographics of the target customer, and competitors’ presence in Hong Kong. The newly developed strategies produced improved shopfront clarity and visual merchandising, and point-of-sale areas that are soft, friendly and welcoming. The design creates a unique visual identity and user experience that stands out from other skincare boutiques, which are often overly neutral and wooden.

The design concept is a spatial composition of ‘eclectic bodies’ – a variety of custom-designed joinery units (inspired by colourful primal animal forms) that serve different functions while working together cohesively. The highlights include a signature curvy display island integrated with a makeup area and washbasin, as well as a cosy seating nook with a pendant light (identified via a circular wall opening) behind a display wall for customer relaxation over a cup of tea.

Furniture: Afteroom. Lighting: Muuto, Menu. Finishes: Formica, Cobelco, Dulux, Lezard Design & Construction, Fujiashi Products, Urban Nature Lifestyle, LEA Ceramiche, Mapei, Edel Carpets, Knolltextiles.

Photography: Bean Buro