Skheme Showroom

GP2 Projects

Skheme’s new showroom in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney is a completely custom-built, design-orientated space focusing on the working balance between the physical displays and the digital information sourced from the Skheme website. The showroom and website work in cohesion, and along with the large uncluttered displays, give the client the full picture of how their architectural and design ideas will come to life.

The design brief focused on customisation and architectural finishes, as well as the creation of a showroom to work side-by-side with the website and showcase a vast range of products – without it being overwhelming for clients and designers. This included a larger space to fully showcase ranges of natural stone and porcelain slabs, along with the adaptability to change and move the displays according to forecasted design predictions.

Technical information, product origin, grout colour and recommended laying techniques are all searchable on the website based on the product showroom location, which is shown via a key. The custom-built display slides showcase every range Skheme has to offer in a simple and easy-to-use system. By searching for a product on the website, the client can see the location via the website and vice versa.

A standout aspect of this showroom include it is inter-changeability; products can be removed and updated to keep up with the fast-paced architectural and design styles. Another aspect is the open planned interior. The client is able to appreciate full-sized slabs and tiles in a natural setting without being overwhelmed by contradicting styles and textures. The simplicity of the design and custom finishes of raw steel and wood add to the aesthetic.

Photography: Nicole England.