Lee Hwa Jewelspace

Parable Studio

The new Lee Hwa Jewellery experience in Singapore creates parallels between the art of jewellery crafting, confectionery and hospitality, breaking the rules of traditional jewellery formats. It immerses a new generation of jewellery customers into beautiful experiences that highlight the craft and care that goes into the creation of each jewellery piece. The space makes it easy for people to engage with jewellery on their own terms and with their own experiential preferences.

Jewellery retail culture has changed, and so the spaces and places that customers interact with the product should, in turn, transform in ways that the customer can easily understand and adopt. The store’s entry points from the Suntec City mall thoroughfare were redefined with a casual bar touchpoint that allows customers to stumble into the store without feeling like they are going through a secure entry. This is followed by several different ways a customer can interact with staff and products, from private coves to a casual workshop table setting with magnifying glasses that enable customers to understand the product in ways that they cannot online.

The space empowers relationships. A key difference in the service outcome was to let the staff move away from playing the role of ‘watchmen’ to becoming ‘expert friends’. All locking mechanisms were replaced with RFID locks so there were no keys being taken out. Touchpoint areas were designed around conversation dynamics (over the counter as well as side by side) and the viewing preferences of customers. Three ‘jewelscapes’ – mini fitting rooms for hands – enable customers to have fun creating their own content.

Theatrical space design evokes positive emotions from customers based on memories from their first dinner date or holiday adventure. Each touchpoint was treated as its own scene, with detailing and materials elevated to something you would find in a luxurious hotel.

Photography: Parable Studio.