SHINE MODA Bridal Store

Atelier TAO+C

SHINE MODA is tailor-made bridal brand based in Shanghai. Atelier TAO+C was invited to design its first flagship store, which incorporates a showroom and four large dressing rooms. As opposed to typical boutiques, the design team reduced the use of superficial decoration and employed a minimalist design language to generate a strong sense of order. They imbued the space with a classical atmosphere to convey a feeling of permanence and purity.

Two vaults dominate the entrance portico. One is solid and provides a backdrop to the sitting area, and the other filters the sunlight and brings views of the outdoors in. The portico is connected to a main hall with a rigorous symmetrical layout of wall- and ceiling-panel modules. The wedding gown showcases are nestled into the sheet-like array, which forms a gentle rituality. Dressing rooms are accessed between the modules, hidden from view.

Throughout the space, the design team discreetly and respectfully restrained the materials, employing a combination of grey stone, light-coloured textured paint, and darker silk carpet to create a palette of greys. The subdued colours offer a distinct atmosphere that helps to focus attention on the wedding dresses. Each display area is discreetly illuminated with various lighting strategies to ensure the best possible display effect.

The project is located in a warehouse that had been transformed by the landlord with a new structural system. The space was therefore full of old and new columns. Atelier TAO+C counted 16 columns standing within the 405-square-metre space. The designers’ main challenge was therefore the planning. Some columns are hidden in partition walls and closets, some are revealed as sculptures in the space. A series of ‘pure volumes’ was developed to create a space of masses and voids. The simple architectural elements evoke a sense of ritual and serenity, reminiscent of the image of a chapel.

Photography: Shen Zhong Hai