With Gusto

Karavasil Architects

Nestled in Melbourne’s bustling CBD, ‘With Gusto Regional Store’ celebrates the artistry of local Victorian wine makers and producers. At its core, the interior design concept embraces localism, utilising natural materials and colours to create a textured, sensory-rich environment that echoes the essence of the Regional Victorian landscape. This approach pays homage to the origins of the store’s products, with integrated landscape elements softening the interior and re-establishing a grounding connection with the earth.

Beyond retail, the space serves as a hub for education and community engagement, hosting regular events where local artisans share insights into vinicultural heritage through interactive tastings. The store makes regional products accessible in an urban setting, catering to both connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts with a thoughtfully curated selection.

The façade is a form of display, featuring a veil of custom-designed wine structures that extend from floor to ceiling enveloping the store’s perimeter. These structures proudly showcase the local produce of the region, providing a visual connection to the products for both those within the interior and those passing by.

More than a retail outlet, the store offers a journey through the terroir, culture, and traditions that define the region’s winemaking legacy.


Furniture: All furniture was re-purposed and adapted from the existing fit out. Sourced recycled timber table, Flimo, High tables along façade and metal shelving, custom made with builder, Ramvek. Shelving & display custom made with builder,Ramvek. Lighting: All lighting was re-purposed and adapted from the existing fit out. Finishes: Dulux, Alternative Surfaces, Bishop Master Finishes, Corian. Fittings & Fixtures: All fittings and fixtures were re-used and re-purposed from the existing fit out.


Photography: Damien Kook, Peter Dillon