Winning Appliances Redfern

Cera Stribley

The Winning Appliances Flagship Showroom in Redfern, Sydney, revolutionises retail with immersive design, surpassing traditional showrooms. The entry exudes an aspirational residential ambiance.

The Culinary Theatre and Coffee Bar, central to the layout, disrupts the rectilinear design, showcasing architectural materials and embodying Winnings’ customer-centric ethos.


Furniture: Spence&Lyda. Lighting: Spence&Lyda. Finishes: Signorino, Elton Group, DAAC, Holdings, Kvadrat, Dulux, Alt Surfaces, Haymes. Fittings & Fixtures: Roger Seller, Winning Appliances, Designer Doorware, Vantot.


Photography: Timothy Kaye