Trove, Unearthing Hidden Treasure


Trove is an immersive journey of discovery and exploration of space, as one does digging the ground in search of buried treasure. Curved perimeter walls in rammed earth and coarse stucco are sculpted to mimic textures of the ground.

The design draws inspiration from the notion of fingers rummaging through soil, revealing cascading layers along the walls that organically form display nooks for products. Earthy-toned grey travertine clads the shopfront façade and the broken marble basin countertop.

The pièce de résistance of the store is a circular stainless-steel cabin which reveals itself with its anodized rainbow finish glistening and waiting to be discovered. Within is a thoughtfully curated experiential ‘Scent Trove’ with a vast and extensive range of perfumes. The store is designed akin to a lab to allow customers to fully immerse themselves, to experiment and discover their perfect scent.


Carpentry: Dene & Team. Lighting: Philips. Finishes: Feruni Ceramiche, Udani Flooring, SUZUKA® Wall Coatings, Phomi Tiles. Fittings & Fixtures: American Standard.


Photography: David Yeow