Fortune Farm


The clients sought a visually striking jewellery store in Ahmedabad to attract and retain customers, emphasising effective product display, optimised lighting, and strict security.

The challenge was to create a space that drew initial attention and encouraged repeat visits, aiming to establish a landmark for lab-grown diamond jewellery while setting a new retail standard.

Working within a 1000-square-foot (93-square metre) space with security constraints and a traditional shop mindset, a design was devised that blends tradition with modernity. Geru mitti lime plaster adorns the walls and ceiling, with red travertine floor slabs.

The centrepiece, a discovery island, crafted with parametric modelling and marine-grade plywood, showcases jewellery within biome-like cloches. Strategic design encouraged circulation and interaction, fostering brand advocacy beyond transactions. The environment aims to create lasting connections, elevating the retail experience from transactional to memorable.

In conclusion, the project transforms a standard shop into a holistic experiential design, captivating customers while providing an encouraging environment for the sales team. It sets a new standard for jewellery retail in Ahmedabad, showcasing the design’s potential to enhance aesthetics and functionality.


Furniture: Hiralal Suthar (Maker), Shailesh Rajput (Maker). Lighting: Flos, Vishal, Kapadia, Shailesh Rajput (Maker). Finishes: Lime Plaster by Hiralal Suthar (Maker), Travertine Stone by Hiralal Suthar. Fittings & Fixtures: Kohler.


Photography: Ishita Sitwala