Dion Lee Flagship

Stamuli and PTID

Australian designer Dion Lee chose PTID and design studio Stamuli to craft his newest flagship in Melbourne – a two-story large format retail space featuring an elegantly cohesive palette, innovative construction techniques, meticulous detailing and custom furnishing. The resulting environment is both industrial and luxurious to reflect the product’s constructed nature.

Reflecting the technical and sensual aesthetic of the brand, the design responds to the client’s brief by offering a creative, innovative expression in materiality, texture, perspective and scale, engineered to a unified environment. Glass, metal, concrete, clay work, and leather converge in an elegantly monochrome pallet.

Experimenting with the concept of rooms within a room and playing with the contrast between large and smaller spaces, a dynamic emerges between the open-plan surface and carved out areas that play with scale within the environment.

The result of this alchemic study in contrasts is an underlying tension that mirrors the label’s exploration of touch, feel, materiality, and craftsmanship – consistently innovating technique and construction providing a multifunctional, flexible space for the label’s first large- format retail space in Australia.


Photography: Sean Fennessy