Twomorrow Jewellery

Right Angle Studio

Situated within the conservation shophouses of Duxton Hill, Twomorrow is a newly launched fine jewellery brand that rewrites the definition of beauty through their creations to feature the unconventional.

Founded by Evelyn Chung, the boutique provides both ready-to-wear pieces and customisation services. Planned as a series of pockets that span across the main floor and the mezzanine, the spaces in Twomorrow include the main lounge, where clients can preview the collection and speak with the concierge, the workspace for staff, and the pantry for food and beverages.

As this is a brand-new retail concept in Singapore, the client requested that the design of Twomorrow’s atelier should centre around the user experience. A key highlight of the space is the tunnelled staircase located at the mezzanine.

The main lounge design is essentially filtered into three primary zones, the Inspiration, the Inspection, and the Intervention, where the public can enjoy the experience of browsing and buying. The remaining pockets of the space were also carefully thought out, including a private workspace area, which houses up to four staff comfortably, and a luxurious pantry for more casual conversations.

The materials used within the atelier are all eco-friendly laminates and finishes, as is the plastic furniture, which is 100 per cent recyclable. The furniture has been curated to echo the essence of the brand and reflect the shape of diamonds.


Furniture: Fritz Hansen, Serralunga, Olta. Lighting: Louis Poulsen. Finishes: Bauwerk. Fittings & Fixtures: Bitossi.


Photography: Studio Periphery