Mutiny at Palais Renaissance

Pencil Office

A novel design merging gym and retail, Mutiny creates a contemporary vision of health and wellbeing in a performative and delightful environment. Set on a main floor of a prominent shopping mall in Singapore, the design intertwines retail, Xformer group resistance training, and wall yoga facilities. Designed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the diminutive facility has ample fresh air, fans, acoustic treatments, and minimised airconditioning, producing ideal indoor environments for training that merge retail and wellbeing in an intimate and carefully designed setting.

The brief was to encompass an exercise studio with eight Xformer continuous resistance machines, a small retail environment and a yoga room in a space of 1500-square-feet. Working closely with the client to create the concept, the studio was situated in a high-traffic ground-floor retail environment in an older 1989-built shopping mall.

The design has three intersecting rooms that divide a curvilinear frontage allowing views into the exercise studios while creating privacy through a dramatic V-shaped storefront screen. The central retail environment focuses on a long recycled communal table in terracotta red, linked to a rear window accessing exterior air. The red retail foyer links to dramatic art vitrines on the storefront.

A high-quality indoor air environment is designed by having operable windows that flank the rear elevations, increased fresh air intake in the mechanical systems, ceiling fans to drive COVID and flu particles to the floor, acoustic wall treatments, and double-glazed acoustically insulated storefronts that surround the facility.


Furniture: Recycled by client. Lighting: Lumiso, Lighting Solutions. Finishes: Laminate, Lamitak, Vasari. Fittings & Fixtures: Dorma, Design Line, D Line, Schneider Electric.


Photography: Finbarr Fallon