Mimco – Flagship Store

Studio Doherty

The new flagship store of Mimco showcases a stripped-back palette, bold architectural curves, intricate detailing, and layered materiality, which are a tribute to the brand’s history and development. The double-storey ceilings and display shelves and plinths of human scale contribute to a harmonious balance, serving to exhibit the intricacies of the Mimco product.

The design brief for the store was to develop a timeless architectural language that represented a departure for Mimco. The client wanted a bold, dynamic, and sophisticated approach that allowed the product range to take centre stage while being calming and restrained.

The use of curved, sculptural forms was a defining feature, from the grand green arch that greets customers at the entrance to the undulating walls with rounded plinths that guide them throughout the store. These plinths were designed to serve dual purpose as display opportunities for bags and accessories, while also providing a subtle means of guiding customers through the space.

The design aimed to create a boutique space that offered different moments of interest, with displays showcasing the full range of products, from tiny sterling silver jewellery to large overnight bags, each one carefully considered to best highlight the merchandise. The customer experience was a top priority throughout the design process.


Lighting: Custom-designed by Jordan Fleming. Finishes: Bishop Master Finishes, CDK Stone, Dulux, Academy Tiles, Tiento, Marblo. Fittings & Fixtures: Custom designed by Studio Doherty, Shopfitting by Leeda Projects.


Photography: Timothy Kaye