Lune Croissanterie Armadale

Ewert Leaf

Lune is an established brand built on purity and precision, The project was required to elevate the user experience, represent the brand’s aspirations, while also embracing attention to detail. The space was to be void of all visual noise and celebrate the craft of croissant making.

The design of Lune Armadale is reflective of a gallery typology, rather than that of a traditional bakery. Lune’s practice breaks traditional methods and convention, making way for progressive thinking and ingenuity.

The experimental design approach saw a re-engineering of Lune’s iconic palette, analysing each material with fresh eyes to create unique synergies between, stainless steel and aged brass, artisan render and polished glass. Concrete was used as an anchor to strengthen the relationship between each finish.

The detailing is minimal and raw materials, such as the concrete and stainless steel, have been incorporated to create a backdrop to enhance the golden tones of the croissants. It advances the interior design practice but sets a new standard in bakery design and encourages a new customer experience.

Directional spot lighting highlights a distinct row of meticulously placed golden pastries for customers to view and, the raw concrete below, forms the perfect canvas. When greeted by a staff member and placing an order, the customer is then invited to explore the tactile interior, interacting with a variety of textured surfaces.


Furniture: Basaglia + Rota, Nodari, Hospitality Concepts, JRF. Lighting: Sphera Lighting. Finishes: Signorino Stone, Bishops Plaster, Formanova, ABCO Stainless, Viridian, Dulux. Fittings & Fixtures: Abey, Henry Wilson, La Marzocco, Vanrooy Machinery.


Photography: Jack Lovel