Crumpler Melbourne

WOWOWA Architecture

The transformation of the Crumpler Melbourne store is a celebration of the brand’s past. Everything about this vibrant design is fresh and nostalgic for the brand’s origin story days as bike couriers.

Bringing the streets of Melbourne inside, there is bluestone street paving in the front door and the aqua Crumpler man mural dances along the newly painted blue facade and moves inward and up along the ceiling. This was achieved in collaboration with artist Georgia Anne Harvey.

The transformation of the store is vivid. Boldly expressing a colourful vision for the future and embracing the legacy as bike couriers, the display furniture and point of sale reference street furniture and the gritty urban place that is Melbourne.

Crumpler orange fabric is wrapped around scaffolding, like a mini Christo, to frame mirrors that reflect and reinforce the decidedly exterior interior experience. At night the store glows like an orange lantern for all to enjoy.

Local metalwork fabricator Guthike Watawala repurposed the street furniture and the fabric wall panels were made from the Crumpler bag fabric itself and stretched over the framing with Velcro.The Project was a true collaboration with local makers, with a team of highly skilled trades contributing to the outcome of the fit out.


Furniture: Bespoke by Guthike Watawala. Finishes: Bespoke, Crumpler fabric. Fittings & Fixture: Metalwork fabricator Guthike Watawala, Muralist, Georgia Anne Harvey.


Photography: Tom Blachford