Casa de Zanotta

HAS design and research

Casa de Zanotta is the first Zanotta furniture museum in China that exhibits the famous Italian furniture brand products. Since it was founded by Aurelio Zanotta in 1954,the company has been pursuing a unique yet luxurious and elegant design tone, and the brand is full of creativity and artistic leadership.

As a furniture museum, Casa de Zanotta is a perfect interpretation of a multi-functional space. It breaks the limitations of traditional furniture showrooms and combines functions with micro-libraries, art exhibitions, public events and designer salons. The result of the project is similar to the unique Anhui Stone Forest; it provides an open breathing space for a high-density concrete jungle and offers a place for visitors to cultivate their souls through the transformation of natural elements.

The existing floor plan included four large columns with a width of one metre each. These functional columns not only affect the circulation but also obstruct the visual axis of the space. The design inspiration comes from the unique stone forest in Anhui and seeks to mirror the idea of the forest.

Three circular volumes extending outwards not only provide more natural light for the indoor space but also blur the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor architecture. The design implies the integration of an artificial stone forest and natural light to repair the natural texture of a busy city through architectural space and seasonal landscape.


Furniture: Zanotta. Lighting: Visual Feast. Finishes: Cemher.


Photography: Su Shengliang, Schran Image