Brent Wilson

Nickolas Gurtler Office

Within Sydney’s historic Strand Arcade, Brent Wilson reinterprets the historic legacy of menswear tailoring, reflecting the luxurious, sophisticated, and timeless nature of the high-end, Australian suiting brand. The store skilfully combines retail and bespoke tailoring services into a holistic proposition, guiding the customer journey with care and conviction.

An important part of the brief concerned the aesthetics – the client wanted the space to be appealing to and represent the quintessential “Brent Wilson” man. This required a balance of more contemporary elements but also pays homage to the iconic heritage architecture of the space.

Upon entry, a six-metre-long counter extends through the atelier with a leathered Black Caviar marble finish. This central anchor is flanked by a ready-to-wear garment and accessories area and a dedicated shoe parlour and waiting space, liberating visitors to circulate through the atelier. This also allows a more seamless integration of the different product offerings and has contributed to an overall. increase in both dollars per transaction and items per transaction during the sales process.

Despite the store’s luxurious aesthetic, a series of sustainable initiatives mitigate unnecessary waste. Existing plaster walls, exposed services and timber floors are presented in their raw state, while a minimalist approach to new interventions reduces material usage. Existing steel columns are clad in smoked mirror, clothes racks utilise recycled metal, while marble slabs were carefully templated to maximise yield.


Furniture: Sarah Ellison, Grazia & Co, Nickolas Gurtler Custom, Designer Rugs. Lighting: Lost Profile Studio, Henry Wilson, Thomas Maxam. Finishes: Polytec, Glux. Fittings & Fixtures: Henry Wilson.


Photography: Timothy Kaye